Welcome to Altap b.v., Rug Manufacturing and Carpet Production since 1800

Main activities:

Altap b.v. is a partner in the Tex group, an internationally operating group of companies. Altap and Tex group are specialists in the production, import, export engineering and consulting of fiber related products such as raw materials, yarns, fibers, fabrics, carpets, carpet tiles and supplies.

The core of the business focuses on production of carpets and rugs. Within Europe, Altap operates mainly in Germany, Austria and Central Europe, supported by an advanced logistics and IT system. This enables Altap b.v. to offer high quality products at low cost. The efficient and favorably located production system provides flexibility for residential, as well as contract applications. Additionally, Altap b.v. is capable of mass producing rugs in its highly modern facilities. Altap b.v. also has vast experience with its other activities: recycling and raw materials.

Through experience and knowledge of the entire process (raw materials, production, marketing, financing and recycling), Altap b.v. developed an unique and integrated vision, resulting in its succesfull consultancy activities.